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NAME | Audio
JOURNAL | [ profile] failicus
MESSENGER | audiokyuubi

CANON POINT | Post Zero 3
DESIRED CLASS & REASONING | Lord Partizan. Leviathan's primary weapon in canon is the Frost Javelin, which can change size, shape, and summon ice.

BACKGROUND | Links to accurate sources DON'T WORK FOR MEGAMAN. /sob

A hundred years prior to her own time, a devastating war raged over Leviathan's world. Caused by a madman by the name of Dr. Weil, the calamity known as the Elf Wars wiped out 60% of the world's human population and 90% of the world's Reploid population. To prevent the war from escalating again, Mega Man X used his own body to seal away Dr. Weil’s super weapon, the Dark Elf.

The only real problem with X using his body to seal the Dark Elf was that, well, X happened to be the leader of Neo Arcadia at the time, and his sealing of the Dark Elf was unannounced. The legendary X, ruler of the utopia he’d created after the war, seemed to simply disappear.

To provide Neo Arcadia with a new ruler, child prodigy and scientist Ciel (who was six years old at the time) created Copy X, a supposedly perfect duplicate of the original Mega Man X. This was done by using the original X’s DNA. Yes, Robot DNA. I don’t know either.

In the same way, the Four Guardians of Neo Arcadia were created to assist in running and protecting the empire under their new ‘Master X’. These were Leviathan and her siblings. Each one of them specialized in something different; Leviathan’s specialty was her ability to control water currents and temperature, and so she often paired up with Harpuia to execute large-scale projects aimed at making destroyed areas from the wars livable for humans. As well as her repopulation duties, Leviathan was also in command of the Deep Sea Squadron, the Neo Arcadian naval forces.

The Neo Arcadians enjoyed a small period of peace, but after a few years they fell into an energy crisis. Reploids, since they required energy crystals to function, were easily targeted as the main part of the problem. To counter the crisis, Copy X began to persecute Mavericks—that is, Reploids who wish to harm humans—but also started labeling innocent Reploids as Mavericks by persecuting people for trivial acts of defiance. Many people opposed to this, including the scientist Ciel, who created a Resistance and fled Neo Arcadia.

Conflict with the Resistance escalated when a mysterious red Reploid named Zero joined their ranks. Zero lead several successful guerilla attacks against Neo Arcadia, and so the Guardians were assembled to take out the Resistance themselves.

Leviathan did not battle against the Red Reploid until after he had fought and defeated both Fefnir and Harpuia. When Zero thwarted her attempts to hack into the Resistance base’s computers, she challenged him to a fight and though Leviathan was renowned as untouchable in the water, she was made short work of and had to retreat. She had never been so easily defeated. Zero was a real challenge… and she couldn’t wait to fight him again.

It was not until Zero infiltrated the main building of Neo Arcadia itself that she got her rematch—and was soundly defeated once again. Here she decided that she would someday terminate Zero, personally.

Tension mounted as Zero destroyed Copy X in a great battle that caused Area X to collapse. To keep the citizens of Neo Arcadia from panicking, Harpuia secretly assumed leadership and the Guardians continued as before—minus Phantom, who had self-destructed in a bid to take Zero down with him.

For the next year, things proceeded as normal as the Guardians could possibly make it, but with the absence of Master X and Phantom, their responsibilities increased, and they still needed to deal with the Resistance… who had grown strangely quiet. It was assumed that Zero had disappeared after the battle as well.

The guerilla attacks resumed with gusto under the command of a new Resistance leader, a former Neo Arcadian known as TK-31. Renamed Elpizo, he and the Resistance launched a full-on assault on Neo Arcadia. With their superior defenses and skill, the Guardians crushed the Resistance assault, and when Zero arrives Leviathan reveals that they got so bored waiting for him to show up that they'd 'retired' all of the resistance soldiers save for Elpizo himself. Zero then announces that he won't let anymore Resistance soldiers die.

Neo Arcadia retaliates by sending a bombardment aircraft to the Resistance base.

However, Zero ends up saving the day and the base remains unexploded. The main Resistance force quiets down, but the Guardians still have a problem-- the now much-more-insane Elpizo is running amok on his own. Leviathan is sent out to look for him, and meets Zero once more. Whether it was the influence of the Baby Elves (which seemed to cause Elpizo's own madness) or the presence of Zero himself, the Guardian shirks her duty to do battle with Zero instead, despite the fact that they're both supposed to be looking for Commander Crazypants. Leviathan gets her butt kicked again, and Elpizo gets away. GJ, gurrrrl.

She's assumed to be in repairs until Zero follows Elpizo into the innermost areas of Neo Arcadia, the Temples of Fire, Ice and Wind. Within the Temple of Ice, she and Zero clashed once again. This time, she's even MORE crazy, and vaguely states that she 'caught Fefnir's disease' (Fefnir had demanded a fight back in the Fire Temple) before transforming into her Armed Phenomenon state. Even in that powered up form, she was defeated once again...

Zero defeated Elpizo in an area deeper in, but didn't collapse anything that time. Yay!

Two months passed. A mysterious spaceship crashed in Neo Arcadian territory. Leviathan and Fefnir, considerably less crazy, go to investigate it. Inside they find Omega-- a colossal, powerful reploid who couldn't be damaged by their attacks. Both the Guardians suffered serious damage when Omega retaliated, and had to retreat, and remained in critical condition for some time.

When it seemed like the end of the line for Leviathan, the Original X appeared to her in a sort of dream. He told her and Fefnir of the calamity that was Omega/Dr.Weil/Dark Elf and that it was basically going to be the end of the world as they knew it if they didn't get their butts in gear and gave them the last of his power so that they could come up and save the world from the evilest evil ever.

Leviathan then joined up with the remaining Guardians in one final strike against Omega, weakening him enough for Zero to finish him off. Omega exploded in a brilliant ginormous explosion that ate up the surrounding area...

And Leviathan woke up in The World.

PERSONALITY | Out of the Four Guardians, Leviathan is considered the sly, playful one. She shares the same burning loyalty to X that the others have, but her sense of duty is not so thickly ingrained as it is with Phantom or Harpuia. When approached with orders to destroy, she acts lazy or bored; some of this can be attributed to her slightly selfish nature (in that which she would much rather be swimming/underwater/kicking the crap out of Zero) or, perhaps, the fact that she oftentimes has a slight aversion to violence, an attribute most likely passed down from the Original X.

As a Guardian, Leviathan is entitled to a certain amount of pride; she is confident in her own abilities and hates to lose because of it. It was this that drove her to a kind of addiction to fighting Zero despite her usual tendency to avoid fighting; he was a true challenge, and Leviathan resolved to defeat him by her own hand someday.

Leviathan's playful nature makes itself most apparent in her speech; she often taunts and flirts with Zero, and isn't afraid to call the other Guardians silly names; maybe just because she can get away with that. She seems to be easygoing for the most part, only really getting fired up when she is losing or some guerrilla nobodies are breaking her stuff.

Despite her playful and somewhat irresponsible-seeming first impressions, Leviathan truly does care about her people and 'brothers' and does her best to take care of them. Those who cross her or the humans she protects pay dearly for their transgressions.

FIRST-PERSON SAMPLE | All of these land quests are so boring! Hey, you event planners out there, can't you design something underwater for a change? You're capable of at least that, right? Or am I giving you all a little too much credit~?

Tch, I wonder if our trigger-happy idiot's gotten here yet. He's taking his sweet time after all that...

THIRD-PERSON SAMPLE | What were they going on about now?

If it hadn't been a direct order from Master X, Leviathan would have thought this assignment a waste of time. Dr. Ciel's Resistance were a bunch of small fry; hardly worth the time or effort, and ideally their little uprising would have been taken care of days ago.

It hadn't.

Fefnir and Harpuia had already come up against the Resistance and their new 'champion'; a crimson Reploid by the name of Zero, who was responsible for all the trouble they were causing lately. He was, Leviathan decided, the only interesting thing about this whole Resistance affair. The other Guardians had thrown his name around several times throughout the few days they'd been together, and though she'd initially had no interest at all, began to listen in on their banter.

Except Fefnir was going on about battle strategy, forcing Leviathan to tune right out again. Men.

Still, what she did catch of the conversation piqued her interest. This Red Reploid was seemingly undefeatable. He'd trounced both Fefnir and Harpuia, both skilled warriors in their own right-- and reportedly, Zero had done it with both incredible speed and power.

Wouldn't it be funny if I were the one to take him down?

It was little more than an offhand thought at first, but the more Leviathan pondered the idea, the more interesting it became. It was a long time since she'd had anything really challenging to do, and if she had to fight, then why not sharpen her claws on this so-called Legendary Reploid? And, to top it off, it would take care of their little Resistance problem.

"Hey, I think it's my turn for a mission. What have we got~?"


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